Peeling Back the Layers: Why Your Book Review is Sweeter Than Any Banana Slicer (But Don't Tell Kyle)

Feb 18, 2024 by Anthony Damaschino
Peeling Back the Layers - The Empty Nest Blueprint
When I hung up my 25-year HR cape, I thought the subject of written reviews was in my past. No more helping a manager kindly tell Tina that her perfume is too strong or that Pete’s inability to make eye contact when he talks makes his coworkers feel strange. I don’t miss crafting the words to help tell Kyle he will not get the promotion he thinks he deserves. And for the record, Kyle still has a lot of room to grow before he’s ready to become the Associate Director of All Things Kyle. For most managers, writing a review is a hard and burdensome chore. Delivering a review, especially to Tina, Pete, and Kyle, is equally tough.
Little did I know that when I picked a ‘second career’ as an author, the tables would have turned. I find myself with moments throughout the day wishing, hoping, or pleading for a book review. Perhaps this is my penance for helping countless employees write ‘best foot forward’ self-reviews while helping managers subtly deliver tough developmental feedback.
Here I am world –review me. Well, not me, my book. I crave your honest feedback - the good, the bad, and the hilariously critical. Be kind, be professional, and be yourself. Frankly, just Begin!
Now, I have had my fair share of reviews. “From Anthony can be disruptive in class,” which seemed to repeat itself from Kindergarten through 12th grade, to my first CFO boss telling me at 23 years young, “How can I promote you? You have no financial experience.” For the record, he was right. Come to think of it, so was every teacher I ever had. Noble teachers: please accept this blog as my apology.
Why do I need reviews? For an author, a review is a gift from the reader (regardless of whether it’s critical or glowing). As consumers, we know reviews help us make informed decisions to ensure the right person gets the needed product. I aim to help Empty Nesters – your review helps them find this book.

Regarding reviews, the 800lb gorilla for an author is Amazon. My favorite product reviews on Amazon are for the "Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer,193925, Yellow, 11.25". This miracle of modern engineering, yes, it’s a banana slicer, has over 7000 reviews. The reviews are amazing. Titles range from “this banana slicer saved my marriage” to “In a city of a thousand bananas, there is always a story.” I would die for a fraction of the Hutzler 571’s reviews; however, I’d like mine to be a bit more non-fiction than fiction.
I have an idea. Do yourself a favor, look up the Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer on Amazon, and read a few reviews. I guarantee a smile will come across your face. And, while you are there chuckling about a banana slicer, do a quick search on The Empty Nest Blueprint, click on the review stars (like 5 of them), perhaps follow the author, but most importantly, gain my everlasting thanks by putting your stamp of approval in this world by writing a review.