What other books Influenced you to write your book?

Sep 24, 2023 by Anthony Damaschino
Empty Nest Book Inspiration, Family, Marriage, LifeThis is a funny question. Let’s start with the topic, “Empty Nesting.’ I thought of writing a book on this subject first, and then I searched titles and summaries of books across the web to see if there was already a book in the market. To my amazement, there didn’t seem to be a definitive guide for a parent or parents going through the Empty Nest phase of life. There was no “What to Expect When You Expecting” for Empty Nesters. Several books explored empty nest themes, but most fell into one of three categories: memoirs, religious-based books, or ‘Help for Mom.’ Seeing this, I became focused on writing a perennial, comprehensive, informative self-help book for all parents of any gender, faith, or socioeconomic status.
To the question, were there any books that influenced me? I have read many self-help, business, relationship, and advise-oriented books. No one book served as a model per se; however, many that I have read fell into what I call 'a one-note trap.' They are books on singular topics that explore a concept and then ‘rinse and repeat’ that message until the last page. I was determined to deliver more.
My goal with The Empty Nest Blueprint was for each chapter to have one, if not several, of the following three things: impart knowledge, create personal reflection, or cause the reader to take action. My goal was not just to have a reader finish with only knowledge and understanding but to end the book with something concrete—a blueprint, multiple plans, and authentic excitement about their future. I believe The Empty Nest Blueprint delivers on this promise.