How do you deal with an empty home where there once was so much vibrancy?

Aug 13, 2023 by Anthony Damaschino
Hump Day Q&A  - The Empty Nest Blueprint

This question underscores a situation all empty nesters will face, however, the answer is not a simple one. Some Empty Nesters find themselves enjoying the quiet, loving the peace, and embracing the new sense of calm in their house. For this group of Empty Nesters the positives of listening to ‘their music’ for a change, watching shows they want, and no longer having to stay up at night waiting for a car to safely pull into the driveway, are welcome changes. Others, as you say, miss the vibrancy: the background noise, the music coming from a bedroom, and the general coming and goings of a child and their friends. For this Empty Nest group, the newfound silence can trigger sadness and tug at the strongest of hearts.
For me personally, I experienced both extremes. There were moments when I enjoyed the peace and moments when the silence turned to sadness. My go-to’s when the vibrancy was missed were to listen to upbeat music, podcasts, or just step out of the house. Keeping busy and distractions are key. Over time, I learned to embrace the calm and create vibrancy when I needed it. I’m confident all Empty Nesters can get to this place.