What surprised you most about your life when you began empty nesting? Is there a feeling you weren’t expecting during the process of transitioning?

Aug 27, 2023 by Anthony Damaschino
Empty Nest Facts - The Empty Nest Blueprint
I’m going to answer the first question in two parts. Upon my realization that my Empty Nest life was a few years in front of me, my biggest surprise was I was scared, unprepared, and vulnerable. When my actual Empty Nest life started, with the departure of my youngest to college, I was very prepared (you might even say I had a Blueprint). Now, I wasn’t immune from missing my children and adjusting to a new chapter with my spouse and as an individual. I have to say, because I was prepared and had a plan, I was surprised that I felt EXCITEMENT over all else. This is what I still feel to this day. With two in college, I’m still Empty Nest transitioning.